Don't Forget...Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Disease Need Vaccinations Too!

Posted on 8/19/17, 4:42 PM by Kristin Hanger

     August is National Immunization Month. Although there is a necessary focus on ensuring pediatric vaccination, we must not forget about our adult patients with chronic disease, who are often at higher risk of vaccine-preventable illnesses. In the specialty area of Gastroenterology, inflammatory bowel disease, is a chronic illness that requires health maintenance to ensure patients maintain optimum health, including certain vaccinations. 

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VCHI Travels to Wise County for Nation's Largest Free Medical Clinic

Posted on 7/25/17, 2:57 PM by Amelia Nell

For the last 17 years, the Wise County Fairgrounds have transformed one weekend each July into the bustling center of medical care for the underserved and uninsured of rural Appalachia. This past weekend, the VCHI team made the 6-hour drive west to witness the nation’s largest free medical clinic and assist its volunteer army of doctors, dentists, optometrists and community workers in providing care for more than 2,000 in-need patients. 

Men's Health Month Brings Awareness to the Gender Disparity in Health, Calling for Behavioral Change

Posted on 6/30/17, 2:57 PM by Amelia Nell

June is Men’s Health Month- a time to promote awareness of preventable, male health problems and encourage active involvement by men in the betterment of their own physical and mental wellness. Since 1994, the nationally recognized month has been observed throughout the U.S with media campaigns, health education events, screening promotions and the wearing of the color blue.1 This June, the Commonwealth has seen the engagement of its own local news stations, providers and state agencies in publicizing recommendations for a healthy male lifestyle and highlighting health concerns particular to this half of the population.

Same Day Access: “One of the Most Significant Improvements for Mental Health in Virginia’s Recent History” Launches July 1st

Posted on 6/23/17, 3:30 PM by Amelia Nell

As a state ranked 42nd overall by Mental Health America for a high prevalence of mental illness and limited access to care,1 The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services’ launch of the Same Day Access Program is a valuable step in bettering the initial assessment and care management for the estimated 29.4 percent of Virginians reporting poor mental health.2; The program, beginning July 1st, enables a person who calls or appears at a community service board (CSB) to undergo a mental health assessment the very same day they first reach out for help. If needed, the individual will then be offered an appointment for treatment within 10 ensuing days. Funds for the program will first be distributed to 8 select CSBs dispersed throughout the Commonwealth with funding in place to expand to an additional 10 of the total 40 CSBs in the next few months.3

Reforming Medical Education to Prevent Provider Burnout

Posted on 6/2/17, 1:43 PM by Song Fu

Physicians are not immune to mental health issues. More than 300 physicians commit suicide each year, a rate higher than the national average.